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Here, you can find a complete description of our data centre infrastructure.

We measure your data traffic via your connection. If you exceed your limit, we offer you the possibility to purchase extra data traffic.

By default, you get 1 IP address per server. Extra IP addresses can be purchased at any time.

We do not offer support on your hardware/server. If desired, this is possible by signing a separate support contract.

Upon signature of your contract, the delivery is possible within 7 working days.

The invoicing (and thus also the payment) can be yearly or quarterly.

You can place your order by phone or online via our website. Upon receipt of your signed contract, a delivery is possible within 7 working days.

The dimensions of a server are expressed in U (1 U = 44 mm). So, it must be possible to place your server in the number of U that you rented.

You have 24/7 access to your colocated servers in the datacenter via a badge system. Only authorized people have access. Moreover, security is also increased by camera surveillance and an extremely strong access control.

Colocation means that you place your own server in our data centre. makes fast connectivity, IP addresses and guaranteed power supply available.

We take care of a guaranteed power supply, IP addresses and hyper fast connectivity. Since it is not our server, we do not offer a guarantee on your hardware.

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